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Tails on the Trails goeson despite 6-foot rule

as published in the Mountain Mail on April 24, 2020...

Despite the constraints of the current social distancing regulations, Ark-Valley Humane Society has creatively figured out a way to have the annual Tails on the Trails walk/run event happen. By doing the event virtually, it still allows needed funds to be raised, encourages folks to get out and exercise their dog and offers race-type tokens for support.

To register for this year’s virtual walk/run, simply go online to Under the listing of events, sign up either as a participant or a sponsor of a participant. Participants are then encouraged to start snapping photos of themselves, hopefully exercising with their dog, cat, horse, stuffed animal, etc. Photos can be tagged to Ark-Valley Humane Society with #TailsontheTrail2020 and #arkvalleyhumanesociety.

Maybe you don’t want to participate in the event but would like to sponsor a participant instead. The participant with the most donations raised from sponsorships by May 17th will receive an awesome Portero Backpack from the local company called Oveja Negra.

All registered participants will receive both a commemorative event T-shirt and Race-Bib that will be distributed after May 17th. For those of you who enjoy multitasking, consider this an opportunity to do so as we also stay-at-home as much as possible (except for necessities and exercise).

Both the Salida Dog Club and Salida Parks & Recreation are partnering with AVHS to organize this event. Salida Dog Club’s mission statement is to “provide safe and recreational activities for dogs and their owners within Chaffee County.” Hopefully, this event will encourage you to get out and exercise with your dog. During the month of April, Salida Parks & Recreation is coordinating the annual 10K Step Challenge. This event will hopefully encourage you to get out and get steps in.

As you (safely) spend time walking your dog on leash, use it as a time to bond and also commiserate with your dog about six-foot regulations. For years we’ve kept dogs on six-foot leashes. Some dogs are obviously frustrated with this as they forge ahead in front of the handler, often pulling hard on the leash. Now, we humans have had a six-foot regulation bestowed upon us and it’s been frustrating. We all prefer deciding on our own personal spaces.

As a side note: I wonder if dogs that are being kept on muzzles, when they go out in public, are finding humor in us humans being required to wear masks, when we go out in public? It’s all about safety.

Laura Pintane is a local dog trainer that is an advocate for dogs, recreating and staying healthy and safe.

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