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My motive for teaching dog training classes is to give dog owners the tools to maximize the relationship between them and their dog.  The end result should be a dog well integrated into the family and possibly with you having an interest in pursuing one of the many dog sports available.  To help promote this, I will be hosting  drop in events at my facility.  Please check out my website calendar to realize dates of these opportunities. - Laura Pintane


Canine Musical Freestyle



Salida Dog Club (SDC)


MISSION STATEMENT:   A club to promote safe, recreational and educational activities for dogs and their owners within the community and the upper Arkansas Valley.


The concept of developing a dog park in Salida was conceived in 20006 after several dog loving residents saw the potential benefit based on the success of dog parks in other communities. The Salida Dog Club was created to guarantee longevity to our mission (see above), particularly with our goal of developing and maintaining a dog park.  The inauguration of the Salida Dog Club was on April 26, 2009.  In July  2009, the club became registered with the state as a nonprofit organization and in 2010 gained 501c3 status.  Salida Dog Club participated in many events and organized fundraisers to collect funds to create Loyal Duke's Dog Park.  In spring of 2009, Loyal Duke's Dog Park had its Grand Opening.  The club maintained and funded improvements to the park until early 2015.  In 2015, the dog club handed over maintenance responsibilities of the dog park to the city as it became an official city park.  A Dog Park Advisiory committee was formed that consists of dog club members working in collaboration with the city to discuss issues and improvements of Loyal Duke's Dog Park. 

Beyond creating Loyal Duke's Dog Park, other accomplishments of the Salida Dog Club include:  

* Members contributed weekly educational articles to the Mountain Mail Loyal Duke's Scoop column for about 13 years

* Members founded Therapy Dogs of Chaffee County which has supported therapy dog teams providing valuable therapy to various organizations and facilities within Chaffee County

* Members renovated Loyal Duke's monument that is a historical landmark on "S" Mountain

* Members organized the first dog friendly race in Salida.  Originally called Canine Companion Run, this race is now called Tails on the Trails and is organized by AVHS

* Members created a Paws to Read bookclub that discusses dog related books and is inclusive to dog pets of the dog club members

Dog loving members of the community are encouraged to join the Salida Dog Club and participate in current activities or organize additional activities that fall within the (above) mission statement.  To get involved, contact one of the Current Board Members:

Laura Pintane, President.

Tom Pahnke, Treasurer.

Jan Toniazzo, Secretary.

Members at Large (are included in emails sent to other Board Members):  Paula Givan, Cindy Powell, Donna Rhoads, Jenny Kapela

Book Club discussion.HEIC
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SDC Therapy Dogs of Chaffee County


MISSION STATEMENT: To provide a network of exceptional certified Therapy Dog/Hander teams that will be available to provide their service to the community.  The teams utilize the human/animal bond with visits to local homes and facilities.  Community members benefit from these therapy dog visits through companionship, stress relief, and a greater sense of well-being. 

Therapy Dogs of Chaffee County extends an open invitation to anyone that can use our fee services from the network of Therapy Dog Teams.  Current places teams visit include:  Heart of the Rockies Regional Medical Center, Columbine Manor, Longfellow Elementary School, Avery Parsons Elementary School, Salida and BV High School (during Finals), Salida Library.

Additionally, more teams and team evaluators are welcome to join our network.  Current Alliance of Therapy Dog Team Evaluators include:

Laura Pintane (719)221-4155

Jan Toniazzo  (719)669-3784

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(SDC) Paws to Read Bookclub


MISSION STATEMENT: To provide the dog owner community another opportunity to recreate with their dog.

The bookclub meets about every six months and books chosen are either fiction or nonfiction.  Completely optional, but owners are welcome to bring their (well behaved) dog to the discussion.  Discussions usually happen at a dog friendly restaurant patio.  To join the bookclub, contact me (Laura) at


2023 The Ride of Her Life by Elizabeth Letts

2023 Dogs Demystified An A-to Z Guide to All Things Canine by Marc Bekoff

5/24/24 Heartbreak Kennel: The True Story of Max and His Breeder by Cary Unkelbach

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Fall 2024     I am Bunny by Alex Devine

I am Bunny book.jpg
Chaffee County Dog Services


Chaffee County's passion for dogs is documented as far back as 1902.  It was in 1902 that the community buried the historic Loyal Duke on 'S' Mountain.  There continues to be a strong commitment to dogs as is illustratd by the many quality services that cater to dogs and their owners.  If you have a service or skill related to dogs, please contact me and I'll include your contact information in the list below...



Cindy Powell



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Training Tools Available


Never fear. I’ve got the gear!

Look for my Toyota RAV4 mobile store around town to pick up a business card.  After contacting me, we can discuss the right dog-training tools for the best results. (Keep an eye out for my wheel cover!) I buy many of the training tools in bulk and have them available at my facility.

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